Rite Aid cares

I just got a call from my pharmacy. They were noticing I hadn't refilled my anti-depressant perscription, and wanted to offer to refill it for me so I could come pick it up tommorrow.

Aside from the most obvious flaw, which is that they called me a week after I've run out, it is a little disturbing to know that some minnimum wage call-center flack, now knows god-knows what personal information about me, and the fact that I took a specific anti-depressant, and that I stopped taking it recently. Talk about a stalker's dream database. Sometimes a fully automated system is better. There are somethings I just don't want a human involved in.

As for the withdrawl effects, they've started to minimize somewhat. I didn't have that feeling this morning, like I could spin the world in my head. And I don't have a gawdawful headache today. My tummy/digestion-system are still a bit delicate, but better, I think. some things it's hard to be 100% objective on. Emotionally....I haven't fallen into any new pit of despair, I'm pretty much still in the old one. The pills didn't change that, they just distracted me from it.