Psycho 'Xtian' Pat

Today is another sad day for anyone who wants to believe in God/Christ/whomever.

After reading with disbelief the words of Pat Robertson, literally suggesting political MURDER just because Chavez isn't his kind of capitalist, I wrote every church I could find in the Seattle area, begging them to speak out against such horrificly hateful words.

The best I got back was 2 reverends willing to agree with my in private emails, but unwilling to make any public statement on their websites. As I said to them...

While I appreciate your agreement, I was truly praying you would offer more....substantial...repudation of Pat Robertson's hate. I am deeply disappointed that your group has chosen not to make an immediate public statement against such hate, even a two sentence denunciation on your web page. Assuming Christ ever does ask me why I had to reject him, I will have to say that the millstone around this child-of-god's neck is every reverend/pastor/priest who sat idly by while false prophets such as pat robertson defiled the name of christ with such hate. I pray that God convinces you to speak out in public, not just in private emails.

Of course, the youth choir master who raped me as a child is another, more significant millstone, but I'm already damned, so why tell a hyprocrite the truth?