Paint Your Wagon

Pop-culture references are a funny thing. Often times, people forget the origin of a reference, and think the shadow is the sun, a it were. For example, there's a classic simpson's episode, #5F24, where Homer rents Paint Your Wagon, a bizarre 1969 musical western. In the Simpson's episode, there's actually a wagon to paint...In the real movie, it's even more twisted than the simpson's dared tell, with Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood sharing a wife, protecting her from the men in the mining town by hijacking a stage-coach of french tarts, and convincing their neighbors to build baudy houses and saloons. And singing. Lots of singing. Apperantly one of the most expensive musical's at it's time, being filmed on location in Oregon. There's a rather huge unspoken sub-plot of implied bisexuality amongst the men (with several scenes of men dancing cheek to cheek, before the baudy houses open, of course), and some rather odd dialogue between Marvin and Eastwood, "I think I like you more than any man I've ever met", and such.

My point being, it's odd how I'd never seen the real movie until last night (yeah Tivo)...I'd almost forgottent here was a real movie. When I've discussed the PowerPuffGirls movie with people, so far, I haven't met anyone who saw as many homages to old Hanna-Barberra cartoons, as I did...makes me wonder, were they there, and I'm just a cartoon-geek, or do I just read too much into movies?