Open Letter to Wamu

The recent dreamhost billing debacle has brought to light some serious failing in the Washington Mutual security systems. I am appalled at how poorly wamu handled their part in trying to get things cleaned up.

1. The automated phone call you get when they detect fraud acts like a two-bit pretexter, and if you DO bother giving it your personal info, and saying the transaction is indeed fraud, it hangs up on you and lets the transaction through.

2. Your brick-and-mortar staff are useless, not being able/willing to start the fraud reporting process.

3. Your fraud department phoneline is understaffed. I waited on hold over 40 minutes before I could talk to someone.

4. You admit you intend to create as many new problems as possible up front, saying that if you issue a refund AND the merchant issues a refund, you are going to apply both of them, and then whine if I don't point out your mistake.

Then there's the insane mail system that will send an email that says "include this reference number in your correspondence", but if you put that number in your message, the mail system rejects it as being a possible exposure of user information.