New Machine Curse

I think I have some sort of curse, when it comes to new machines. There's always got to be something that goes horribly wrong, somewhere in the process.

I went out today to get a little Shuttle-type PC for a LAN party, bought the case, cpu, ram, cdrom, remember picking up those specific components from the store counter, thinking the ram was going to get lost just sitting in the pile of stuff, but it's only till I get out to the car, so i'll be OK.

Well, because I couldn't find a spare video card to use during the party, I ended up using a different machine altogether, and didn't start trying to put the new box together until I got home.

Did the whole thermal grease fun, clipped on the CPU, and realized, I hadn't seen the RAM since I put it in the car. A quick check, and it's nowhere in the house.

After TWO trips down to the garage to double check the car with a flashlight even, I can safely say it's not here, or anywhere that I know.

My hope is, it fell off the pile as I was walking from the store to my car, and if I call, they'll say, oh yeah, we found that. Except that they have my telno, and didn't call, and if they had found it, and were going to be honest about it, seems like they would have called.

Which means the more likely, less happy, scenario is that the RAM-bag slid off to the side of the car, where it fell out the door, when everyone piled in/out of my car for our little trip around the parking lot.


Now I have to wait till payday to get the box running.