New Camera

I bought a new camera yesterday.

The Olympus C-700 is a very nice digital camera. Not like my old one, which was bought solely based on being the cheapest camera in stock at a wal-mart in oklahoma, when my sister's first child was born. I'm excited. It's got a powerful zoom, full manual modes, and an ISO-equivalent of 800 =) You can see a sample shot here.

I'm at work, but there's not a whole lot to do right now, since I'm waiting on feedback on my export file's format/content. I think it unlikely that they will report no-errors found, but until they do/don't, I'm in limbo.

Josh was teasting me the other day, when I was looking around to decide which one to get. He's mentioned how funny he finds it, the way I go shopping. I'm sure it is amusing to those on the outside. I know why I shop though, so it's not as much fun for me. Not that I don't love my toys. I just wish I were loved. No matter what toys I have.