Never Call

No one ever calls me

Especially when they say they will

Sometimes I wonder why

Am I such a bitter pill?

My mother always used to say

I'll be there for you someday

Then I grew up and moved away

And when I call her

I hear her say

I'll call you tommorrow don

I'll call you tonite

I'll talk to you sometime

When I'm feeling right

You're just too much for me

All that misery

I'll call you tommorrow son

Or maybe never at all

The friends I love so well

They treat me just the same

Sometimes I really wonder

If they now they're driving me insane?

All I want

Is a simple thing

Just to hear

That annoying ring

You could just call

To say you didn't forget

And you're tired now

So lets continue the debt

But instead I sit

All nite alone

Wondering why

You never call

No one ever does

And no one ever will