NCV Northwest sucks

NCV Northwest is the worst vending machine provider I've ever had the disfortune to be exposed to.

They replaced a vendor who was refilling our machine 3 times a week, with food we actually bought. Now, it's been two weeks, and the machine is sitting with the same row of bottled water (which no one will buy, because we have FREE filtered water in the same frickin room), a nasty looking burrito that expired 2 days after they put it in the machine, and row after row of empty slots.

Our office manager has been calling to complain regularly, she says. They say no one has ever asked them to refill the machine. Which strikes me as some sort of Health and Safety code violation, so I'm waiting for a callback from King County, seeing if I can get their license for refrigerated foods revoked, at least (several people have complained about getting spoilt food out of this machine already, not counting the burrito no one is brave/foolhardy enough to try).