My Funeral

I hope when I die

My funeral won't impose too much

On your busy life

and your full schedule

I hope when I die

that you have time to cry

just a tear, symbolic drop

then back to the mall to shop

I hope when I die

That I don't bring you down to much

Your life will go on

You won't have to pretend

To care when I speak

And go on and on

About all the grief I seek

No more will you have

To hang up and wonder

When will that idiot

Learn not to blunder

Through life like a dimwit

Obsessed with himself

So no one likes you

Big deal

Who cares

Can't you see

I've got kids to put to bed?

I hope when I die

My funeral is light

Well attended by people

Who have something I lack

The way they have familes

with something good to say

And please

If there is a god

Make sure my parents stay far away

I wouldn't want

To mess up their lives.