Misdirected Woo

I'm not hoping for any actual sales, with the fark post. It was mostly a traffic grab. If I can get rid of the boxes of old screen-printed shirts, great. The cafepress ones, really, are just for me. And anyone too lazy to make their own.

Found it odd that someone is willing to admit they discovered fark from me. Then again, I do have an id under 600 =p

Went out last night to Redmond, to do stuff I'm not allowed to talk about, for which I didn't get paid much, and I saw things, dark twisted things. Well, not That twisted. Definetly a bit of casual IP infringement on one of the characters, um er, I mean inspiration, I'm sure. It was a little difficult to play a xxx-ing game, after my recent little accident, my fingers were a bit stiff for a session of button mashing. Two cute guys there this time, one I recognized from the last time, who apperantly is friends with the guy who works at some store up in northgate, perhaps the gamestop-shop? No cute girls this time. No girls at all actually. Atleast, not in our group. Maybe they were in the more casual xxx-ing game fans group. Um yeah.