Michelle Shocked at Triple Door July 6 2005

So, unlike I usually do when my go-with for a concert drops out, I actually made it to the show last night.

An interesting evening all around, started sitting in the bar waiting for table assignment phase to open up, eating their version of 7 flavor beef ( is better, but no worries. Nearby, some guy sounds like he is trying to sell some sort of strange exercise equipment.

Once the show finally opens up for seating, I find I've been assigned front row, nearly center. Which meant that during the Shokeoke portion of the pre-show, the MC shoved a mic in my face while I was singing to one of her songs. It got a nice round of applause, but I'm still glad I drank enough not to lock up when I heard myself comin over the soundsystem, heh.

The show itself was nice, mostly stuff from the new albums, one encore set, and I got her sig on the 3-in-1 combo set of the new CDs afterwords.