Lost Beats

It's a wierd and wacky world, where I can find a song that gets inside my head, so much I get goosebumps listening to it, and yet I haven't a clue who it really is. Downloaded from the net, it's associated with someone who didn't write it, and the title is so generic, I could be searching for years, and never find the right 'world cup samba'-like title.

I owe a debt of gratitude, to Dario G, if it weren't for his Sunchyme getting under my skin with it's amazing remix of my fave high-school-crying- alone-band, Dream Academy, I would never have gone on the now defunct audiogalaxy, searching for anything by an artist even remotely named liked Dario G, and I never would have clicked the box next to "World Cup Samba".

Damn that song, it's really suck in there...