Long Sharp Shocked

Went to see Michelle Shocked at the crocodile last night. She is one of my favorite female singer-songwriter cowpunks, and since the crowd was mostly older, was easy to get up near the stage. Had this big dude right in front of me the first few songs, and then, he starts falling down on his wife in front of him, she pushes him back, and he just goes back and thumped his head on the floor through my foot. Not blacked out or anything, just goes "I'm tired, I'm oK, just tired". His friends made him go back and sit down for a while, so I got to get even closer =p

The music was nicely rockin, vastly different from her recorded versions, and she did the second half of the show as acoustic-solo, taking requests, even when she had to think to remember the fingerings for some of them. There was a kinda downer moment when she let some "funny little woman" give this drawn out story about why Cold Comfort was her request. Lots of personal tragedy and stuff, I didn't mind, but some people were getting rude, which disappointed me, and I think michelle, but she drew strength from the woman's depth of gratitude, I think.