Leader Ship

Alarm is ringing in my head

But I think I'll just go back to bed

Can't think straight when I'm this gay

Maybe it all worked out OK

Jump the ship and run aground

Hold the line fast to

Shiver ye timbers

And never mind the sea

The world's out there

Waiting for me

I was born to lead

Though I'd prefer to lead just one

I can accept my purpose in this world

Or I can admitt I'm done

give up my spot

At the front of the race

Pull to the side

In an attempt to save face

Burning round the midnight oil

It's all the same to someone blind

The light from a cake

The light from your face

The hope

The fear

I was born to lead

The lowly and depressed

Born to a kingdom of fools

But too again

Not all who follow are sheep

Not all who follow are fools

Some are in love

With something they can't understand

Just a knowing

A feeling

That I can make them whole again