Lake Union police

So, the kayaking crew went out in greater numbers wednesday, 4 of us this time. About half way across lake union, I look back and notice we'd lost a member of our team...

Dino was back on the other side of the lake, futilely trying to get back in his kayak, with the help of a friendly sailboating crew. After much insanity, it was eventually decided that the easiest solution was just to tow dino and his boat back to shore.

Jeff and Arthur got dino between their kayaks, and tried to get him back to shore. I grabbed dino's kayak, and tried to tow it back to the dock, which is really hard to do without a rope, since paddling on only one side of a kayak tends to cause directional issues.

It was still fun, and my new clipon sunglasses did their job well in the sun.

d'oh, I almost forgot the part with the police...

After everyone is back on dock, deciding to call it quits for the day, since dino was inappropriately dressed in jeans & good shoes, the police patrol boat drives up, and we all get to laugh and point at Dino when they say they've heard about a kayaker stuck in the water =p