I've always been the excitable type. I'm sure I get it from my mother. I used to take great delight in hiding around the corner in the dark, when my mom would be coming home from a night out (question, now that I think about it, where WAS the babysitter on those nights? was there even one at all?), then jump out and go "boo". She'd scream, I'd laugh, then head to bed.

What comes around goes around, though, and now I'm the jumpy one. Just the other day, I'm walking thru downtown, thru the crack-hotel neighborhood, apperantly with a very serious/nervous look on my face, enough so that this one guy decided to fuck with me, jumped in front of my path as I was walking, and went "boo". I prolly screamed just like my mom, before I started to laugh. "good one" I called out, and kept on walking.