Joan Jett

So, we were on Christmas vacation in the Philippines, it's the early '80s, Marcos is still in power (on the plane coming into Manila, my dad is telling me to be sure and not say ANYTHING about the government where someone could hear). For a part of the trip, we're on a standard tour bus. I'd been listening to Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (Bad Reputation & I Love Rock'n'Roll on cassette, not even auto-reverse, how lo-tech!) on my headphones for hours. For some reason, I ended up talking to the bus driver, and convincing him to put in my tape as music for the group. Ageing seniors on vacation, and my family riding along till we left them behind to venture into the back country by car, group-group. It just happened to be cued up to "Do You Wanna Touch Me" soon as the song got to lyrics, the tour guide freaked. At the time I was embarassed, I really hadn't thought about people being upset by "punk rock". Now, I can look back and laugh.