If I don't make it out of here

There are some things I hope you hear

I love you

I always have

I love your children

As if they were my own

All I have

I'd give to see them grown

Up in a world

Where they are safe

If I don't make it thru this day

Know that there's much I wanted to say

About how happy I feel

Sleeping by your side

And how much I wish I were dead

Sleeping on your floor

Parents can be cruel

Parents can be kind

I pray that your kids

Never look at you

The way I look at mine

Mornings like this

I wonder sometimes

Why I bother running

When the jerk in the car

speeds up

As I try to cross the street

Why I bother trying

To reach out

When no one wants to hold my hand

It's my life


now that it's worthless

my folks

Have no more interest in me

Than they do in any other

failed investment

You both love me

I know this

But you have your own life

Your own kids

No time to rescue

A 30-something freak

Who can't even get over his fear

of the phone

to call you up

and say

I love you