I Try

I try to be a nice guy. Even when I know it's causing me problems.

I signed up for this Rideshare program, a long time ago, when I first started my current contract job. With less than a week left on the original contract, they finally hook me up with a rider. Nice girl, french intern. But I'm at the point in my project, where I really need more flexibility...but I've been biting the bullet on that, and trying to find ways to keep giving her a ride.

It's wierd, giving a total stranger a ride to work and back, every day. I'm not used to putting on my stranger-face in the car, nor feeling like I have to hide how I feel. Now I find myself appologizing to her, for driving aggresively.

Mostly, I'm just annoyed that I can't leave work early cause I'm too depressed to make it a full day.