Home Again

My great circle adventure is complete. After making a quick drive across the mountains, visiting a Van Gogh in Kansas, and certain other experiences I'm still trying to find words to describe for myself....I made it to oklahoma, then promptly left to drive to dallas, got to see my littlest sister win her horse competition, then back to oklahoma for a day or so, then back to kansas city to visit friends and get to see my best friend Corey win the Kansas City Warp Tour Vert-Skate competition. I even got to judge the Street-Skate competition.

Another long drive, this time across South Dakota and Montana, to take the northern route home. I made it home in dangerously good time, dangerous not from excessive speed, but from sheer exhaustion. Lucky for me, the caffiene overdose didn't cause me to puke till after I got home safely.

I'm back at work, trying to avoid thinking about certain issues that have suddenly become unclear/confusing. C'est la vie