Google Joke Translation

DailyGolfos.Com is some funky spanish fark-like site, that once upon a time linked to my picture of a Myster-Machine van here in Seattle. I still get some traffic for the picture from them. I visited today, and had google translate the page for me. Halfway down was a joke that seem to lose a great deal in google-translation:

Three rats are in a bar

The American rat requests a whiskey, the taking of a single drink, prints the glass in the bar, it watches the other two rats, and says:

- When encounter a trap for rats, jump upon the means, cripple the wire of the trap that lowers to all milk with the teeth, I bite 20 times to sharpen the set of teeth, destruction the trap, and me to me like the cheese.

- Coņo! - the others say.

The Russian rat, watches yanki, requests a vodka, drinks it of a drink, it breaks the glass in a corner, and says:

- When encounter a poison stock market for rats, me I take it to house, I put it in the microwaves (this is fantasmada because all we know that the Russian rats do not have microwaves, but in aim...), I make pop corn, and like seeing one me peli and drinking a beer to me.

- Joder!

Immediately afterwards, both rats occur return, and watch the Spanish rat. This requests a wineglass of red wine of the house, takes a sorbito, gives one him pierced pitillo, watches them, drinks another sorbito, it leaves the glass, and it says:

- To pardon I, but cannot have left to contaros nothing... I must go to house to follar me to the cat...