Funky Economic Times

Today, on paper, I lost more money than I've earned so far this year.

I sold my measly stock portfolio, preferring to place my trust in my IRA & 401k manager's skillz at navigating the next 20 years (my estimate of when the economy will be sufficiently recovered to make it worth selling my retirement portfolio). And I needed the cash to cover the little-bit-out-on-a-limb fiscal situation I got myself into buying my beautiful new (and supah dupah grippy!) wheels & tires.

It actually COST me $6.50 to sell one stock, it was so devalued. I hope I can recover that money as part of the capital loss. My dad would know, I bet.

Either way, I know I can carry forward the parts of the loss I don't "use" this year, to some year when things are going better.

One of those years will come along someday, right?