Freemont 2004

So, made it down to the annual parade in Freemont, tooks some pictures, made a video. On the way there, I went to the library, where I found the most hillarious Shakespeare rendition. It's quote-unquote All the works of Shakespeare, in 90 minutes. Of course to save time, and since they believe all of his comedies were basically the same play, they do a single episode that combines them all.

I also saw a disturbing accident between a bus and one of those little mini-tankers hauling diesel. I was a good block and a half away, and heard the impact. By the time I got there, these two people were carrying a guy across the street by his arms, then starting what looked like trying to stabilize his neck...after they dragged him bouncing around by his arms with no neck support, across the street. ??? Eventually the paramedics arrived, put him on a backboard, and left. It never was clear who the injured man was, or what his injuries were. He had no external bleeding, and I saw him looking around while on his back. There was the bus, who looked like he'd been turning right, the mini-truck that had rammed into the bus right at the driver's spot, and a little silver honda-thing, that had run into the back side of the bus, but looked like it had also been glanced by the diesel trucker along one side; before hitting the bus or after, who knows. There was some near-hysterical japanese girl talking to the police.

As I was leaving the library, I saw a nice looking vintage cobra, and got some good shots of it, and a father with children, who could care less about the car, looking with a fair bit of lust in his eyes.