For the sake of argument, let's say someone is a pothead. It's not something they are especially proud of, nor especially ashamed, moralistically. They work a stressful job, really aren't that motivated to work out religiously, and they never cared for alcohol. It's just something they slipped into. The choice was a heart attack at 30 and ulcers, or an occasional joint. So, it's a part of their life. And for the most part, life is good. They have a good job that fits their lifestyle, they have friends that don't disapprove, if not actively encourage. But there's one part they hate. It's the part that is antithesis of the whole concept of being a pothead, "The Deal". It's that moment when you are most likely to get caught, most likely to have the whole world fall apart. It's the part that makes one worry all night about the strange clicks on the phone, the knock at midnight. Talk about stress. All that calm evaporated, in the self-same quest. Makes you wonder why they bother.