boredom = saddness

saddness = pain

I run around and smack my head

And start all over again

boredom = saddness

saddness = pain

My hopes were lost when I got old

and now they're back again

So what

If I'm so crazy

That I see my world thru paranoid eyes

Maybe the truth

is stranger than the lies

Sometimes I wonder

If I am really dead

my body still a sitting

Upon that lonely rock

The last 2 years

Are but a dream

brought upon by shock

How long does

The last beat last

As the heart gives up

And life begins to pass

As the oxygen gives out

And the blood begins to cool

does life seem longer

fantasy stronger

till nothing is left

but a mind caught up

in a world all its own

our chance to prove our fantasies

before this life is gone