Environmental Quality

In an ongoing attempt to improve my home environmental quality, most especially so far, in the area of noise pollution, I went searching for some sort of cabinet to put my music-file-servers into. I have a literal half-dozen machines whose sole true purpose in the universe is to act as file-servers for all the 20-200gb HD's I have stuffed with tunez. And no, they aren't stolen, you should see the portion of my home devoted to CD storage =p. Together, they make for a music library unlike any other...even the million-plus-track music stores fall short of what I got in terms of music you'd want to listen to, as a rule, though some genres just aren't my collecting bag, even when I like to listen.

So, back to the search...My measurements of my largest box, and comparisons to the dimensions of everything I could find at Ikea's online store, made me think the only probable solution would be an armoire, which I'd have to jury-rig a middle shelf for. I started out at the first furniture store I ran across, and after describing what I wanted, and why (upon which she begged me to tell her husband to hide/quiet the pc's at her house, lol) she suggested a TV/dresser combo, which was on the right path, but just wasn't deep enough. I needed something at least 25 inches deep, and 19 high; her best was 19 1/2 inches. She suggested custom carpentry, and I went on my way. I wasn't quite willing to give up, and as I left, I noticed a stereo store nearby, and thought to myself...hmm, component cabinet? Of course, none that they had were enclosed, but I liked where this was going, and went searching for another store. And sure enough, at Circuit City, I found a TV stand that was just isn't even overheating so far...