E-Privacy Fencing

I've had wifi in my apartment for quite a while now. About 2 months ago, I got netstumbler working, discovered another AP within recieving distance, who was locked down with WEP. Woo. Then couple weeks ago, found someone associated with dotnetjunkies, borrowing my bandwidth to send out email, which kinda annoyed me, so I turned WEP on too. Well, starting this last weekend, my wifi signal suddenly has gone all to hell, with my laptop losing it's connection on average, once every couple of hours. Netstumbler shows that the 2nd AP is gone, he's given up, or else his signal is too interfered for me to reach. Dotnetjunkies person has their own AP now.

so, why am I mentioning this all? Well, I started wondering today, as I was thinking about what sort of specialized equipment I'd need to find out what's causing the interference, assuming it's not wifi...and I started wondering, how long, before apartment complex building codes include some sort of wire-mesh between apartments, for e-privacy. Back during the first WTO riots, I'd bought a trunking scanner, to listen to the police. After all the excitement was over, I set it up to do a full spectrum scan one day, and was amused to hear some guy's wireless telephone conversation. I can't believe anyone still uses ones without any sort of digital anti-eavesdropping's not like it's illegal for someone to listen in, and yet people act so unaware. I guess all that bru-ha-ha over making it illegal to scan cell phones, was misunderstood, or just never reached the awareness of people so low-tech they use 47mhz analog wireless phones =p