Death is Out There

So, it's a monday, and I'm bored of sitting around the house watching TV and playing video games. And I need the exercise, so I go out for a walk. And I walk peacefully up queen anne to the seattle center, and I'm walking back down hill towards downtown, cause I noticed once I got up the hill, I'd left my wallet at home, and I'm hungry for lunch. As I'm walking home, I noticed this guy, hoody, impatient at crosswalks. downtown ambience, don't think much of it. Three blocks or so along, the guy suddenly stops in front of me, waits for me to walk up even with him, then starts walking next to me. I'm like, OK, homeless guy is gonna start a conversation, oh great. And he does talk, "If someone is stalking you, do you think you have to right to defend yourself?" I'm thinking to myself, what an odd question, and then he reaches in his jacket and flashes a gun at me. Now I'm afraid to answer. "Do you have the right to defend yourself, if someone is following you?" "Gee, I dunno, violence is never my first answer" "Oh yeah, well maybe I aught to start something. something with you!" As this angry exchange is going on, we're walking next door to the local tv news station, and all I can think of is how they'd love to have someone gunned down right out front. I'm trying to say as little as possible, and walk as fast as possible away from the guy. eventually he stops following me, but he's still yelling stuff at me as I keep moving. I'd guess people are a little on edge these days. I know I'm freaked out. More so than this morning.