Collect Call for George Bee UL

The story goes, way back in 1993 that this guy was stuck in a hick midwest college dorm, full of the over-the-top kinda craziness you only get at Bible colleges, where all the kids are sexual-tension-freaks.

The start of spring semester, the dorm got a new dorm mom. After her first couple of days of craziness, she decided to put a stop to that, and to put on a little power play, put the troublemakers in line, show them all who's boss. That sorta thing.

So at 3am, she wakes the whole dorm up with some story of "a trashed room!" "who did it?", and "we're not leaving till we find out stuff!"

After an hour of sitting around, the guilty party finally confesses, and the students are allowed to go back to bed. Dorm mom has made her point, and things actually calm down. guy finds out the dorm mom had known who the guilty party was all along, and had been indeed, putting on a play, as it were. He was not amused. Sleep was important. She had woken them up on a school nite. So he decided that she needed to be reminded, that while she had the power, the students had the smarts.

A couple weeks go past, and one day, when luck strikes, the student sees the dorm mom leave the building for an errand. He goes to one of the public phones, and calls the front desk, asking for the dorm mom by name. When asked to leave his message, he replies,

"Tell her George Bee called, B-E-E. It's very important that she call me back...tell her to call me collect at 202-xxx-xxxx"

The next day, the student was coming back from class, and the dorm mom is standing at the front desk, angrily questioning the poor schmoo there,

"Well WHAT did his voice sound like?"

"Um, I dunno. a guy?"

"Well, I called that number, and it was the office of the President of the United States! I've never been more embarassed in my life!"