Christmas in September

I've had this one track in the back of my head for weeks, and I only think about it when I'm at work, so I don't have an effective way of searching my home music collection, and then by the time I go home, I've forgotten.

At lunch today, I remembered to look for it. It's easy to find, cause I know it's on this album "Trippin on 666", sure enough, I haven't ripped it yet. So I'm looking around for the discs...nowhere on the wall-of-discs...ah HA, this big pile of CD's in non-standard boxes, that I was going to rip and put into standard jewel boxes, I never got around to touching, once I finally got my bulk empties. Lots of stuff I've been wondering where I filed, looks like I never got to ripping it. Which is great from the perspective of lost musical treasures, but sucks on the "Where-am-I-going-to-fit-200-more-cd's" on my network front. I really need to figure out a cross-platform storage virtualization system, so I can munge all my disaparte boxen into one big Storage-Cloud.

but anyways, fresh music can be music you just haven't listened to in a while. still haven't found the right track...thinking now, it might be on Audio Ravers, not Trippin on 666...luckily that was in the same pile of not-yet-ripped, so I'll know eventually...