Be True

So I went to this sorta-club (1 room under a pool hall) to hear a sorta-friend (ex nwraver like myself) spin. I've been dancing a bit, but since they don't have monitors, the DJs have been having a hard time beat matching, and there really isn't anyone on the dancefloor but me, and I'm thirsty, so I go back to the couch I've been perched on most of the eve, and sip some water. I've been resting a while, and some guy wanders up to me and blurts out, "You like to write, don't you?"

It's true, so I say yes. He mumbles something I don't catch, and then "Ya gotta be true to yourself...but you already know that, I'll bet."

And then he wanders off to talk to someone else. So I wonder, how did he know I write? And how did he know I'm hiding from myself? Is it that obvious?