BSE in Greece

Greece Confirms First Case of BSE

by Tina Vu on 7/3/01 for

Greece confirmed its first case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease, yesterday in a northern Greek slaughterhouse, according to a news report.

Infection was detected in a 5-year-old milk cow in a plant owned by Roupel S.A. in the town of Sidirokastro in the province of Serres, said its president Tassos Kalogerakis.

One of four animals in the group, the BSE-infected cow was brought to the slaughterhouse June 26 from Kilkis, a neighboring province, according to the plant veterinarian, Giorgos Dangos.

“The cow was born in 1996 in Greece and its mother arrived in 1994 from Holland,” Dangos said.

With 24,882 milk cows aged over 12 months and 3,782 under a year old, the province of Kilkis holds a total 37,078 heads of beef, 6.77 percent of Greece's 547,573 cattle population.