No TV-Output for Divx/AVI under Winamp

So, you've taken the time to download some massive movie file, bought some sort of video card with a TV-Out (Matrix G-400 and ATI Rage Mobility for me), installed all the codec packs, etc, and you know the TV-out is working, because you can see some stuff on-screen just fine, but whenever you play a movie, no-matter full-screen or windowed, on the TV screen, it's just a black box...

Lucky you, the problem is easily fixable, though if your box is only marignally strong enough to play the video, it'll be even less acceptable afterwords, most likely...

The problem is that current winamp is using what is called overlay, writing directly to the Video RAM for speed, which leaves the hardware with nothing to supply the TV-Output, since that comes from write-calls. Like I said, luckily, it's fixable.

Open winamp ->

Ctrl-P (Open Preferences)

Options -> Video

Undo the first overlay option, the second may be left alone

Close preferences, and video should be visible on your TV-Out card now, albiet at a much higher CPU-load