where's bill?

Volume 2 of Kill Bill was supposed to be in theatre 4 days ago.

Instead, the killbill official chat-site is closed, none of the movie preview places seem to be aware Vol 2 even exists, and wierdness of it all, a Xvid rip of the Vol 1 DVD is already out on the net, something like 2 MONTHS before the DVD is released.

There's been a lot of odd content on the net lately, like French DVD rips of the as-yet-released Star Wars 4-6 DVDs.

The DVD rip of Milla Jovovich's concert from mid-90's austin was a really nice find. I'd totally space on how much of a poth-ead she is, till the end of the concert when she cries out, "smoke some home grown!"

Man, nothing hotter than a sexy russian model/actress/singer babe that smokes the kind.

update @ 15:16

According to these guys, Kill Bill Vol 2 will be out April 16th now, which IS more in line with the DVD release date.

Still doesn't explain the DVD on the net.