Spank the Child

Sometimes I wonder

Why my dad isn't dead

Scarred in the heart

Like all the rest of his generation

Then I look at myself

And understand

Where all his pain went

And what was wrought.

Watching some 70's movie

The president's analyst

Missed the first few minutes

It's just starting at the part

where the doctor tells the

CIA-killer that it's healthy

for him to channel his aggression

into approved outlets,

That his license to kill

Is why he's so calm

This resonates

What person

Could condem a man

For hating the child

Of his wife

But not his own seed

Would he have been so successful

Had I not been there

To hate

To beat

Think of all

The pain that I took on

As child

Alone in my own family

How many lives

Did I save

Sometimes the punching bag cries

Sometimes that's just the way it is.

If you can't escape

It can't be real

No one knows

How much I don't feel

The world around me

Wrapped in cotton

Far away

To protect us both.